Local Government Climate Justice Network

Mainstreaming Climate Justice in Councils and Shires

Climate Justice Union wants to hear from people who are passionate about climate justice and involved in Local Government. This includes officers, Councillors and active members of Council or shire advisory groups and community bodies.

 We want to understand and support people to collectively pool resources and knowledge to mainstream climate justice in our Councils and Shires at all levels.

To express your interest, please share with us a little about your interest in climate justice, your context or work and intentions for and expectations of such a network. 

Complete the expression of interest form or email kylie.wrigley@climatejusticeunion.org

What is a Network

Who is it for?

We’re inviting people who are/ want to be involved in climate justice within the Local Government sector. This includes officers, Councillors and active members of Council or shire advisory groups and community bodies.

Criteria for participants:

  • Are connected to, active or wanting to be active in Council and Shires
  • Participants should join CJU as a member at their chosen membership level (unless there are agreed and strategic reasons not to).
  • Open minded and willing to re-examine their assumptions.
  • Wanting to support and build the capacity of others.
  • Wanting to learn about and reflect upon strategic and effective collective action for climate justice.
  • Be committed to attend the network and do the work agreed to.
Proposed Purpose

At this time we are collecting expressions of interest for people. Based on what we hear we may establish an email group to share information and ideas and/or later develop and regular space and time to meet and discuss strategies for advancing climate justice though local governments.

A network would be a supportive and strategic space for Local Government officers, Councillors and active members of Council or shire advisory groups and community bodies who are committed to mainstreaming climate justice in the Local Government sector.

We know that strong evidence isn’t necessarily enough for decision makers to support transformational initiatives. We will share successes stories to demonstrate and normalise what climate justice looks like in the context of Shires and Councils. Be it through more accessible emergency services, equitable distribution of affordable zero-emission technology, or inclusive town planning.

We understand that change happens through organised, collective and decentralised action. Through the network we will discuss and reflect on the challenges and opportunities for our work together and separately. With support and motivation from each other, we will create and implement strategic plans to rapidly and effectively mainstream climate justice with the broader climate justice movement

Once established, members of the network will co-design and endorse a set of aims, norms/values and a meeting format with Climate Justice Union acting in a facilitation and secretariat role.

Expressions of Interest 

To express your interest in the network or nominate to be a member, complete the expression of interest form or email kylie.wrigley@climatejusticeunion.org

Email:  admin@climatejusticeunion.org
Call: +61422738541 

ABN: 23767498078

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We acknowledge that we begin our work as The Climate Justice Union on the Boodja (land) of the Wadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. We honour the Wadjuk people and their kin in other Nations and Country across these lands and waters, who have always cared for this place and all who lived here.

We acknowledge First Nations Elders past and present, and acknowledge that those of us living here, who came from across the seas, live on land that was taken, stolen. We acknowledge the responsibility that comes with this understanding and that we personally and collectively benefit from this theft.

As such, we all have a responsibility to decolonise ourselves, our lives and work, and to heal the harm these oppressive systems have inflicted.

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We are a community union and do not cover you in your workplace. All Climate Justice Union members are also encouraged to join the relevant industrial union. Click here to find your industrial Union.

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