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Help grow grow Climate Justice Union! (Nov 9)

  • 9 Nov 2022
  • 18:00 - 19:00
  • Online via Zoom


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We are inviting all CJU members to have a say in our growth strategy through 'Help grow CJU' workshops this November. 

The purposes of these workshops will be to hear your views on the best strategies that will enable us to recruit new members to CJU. 

Climate Justice Union members work together to accelerate the fair and just transition to zero emissions, and to prepare for and adapt to any unavoidable impacts of climate change - while leaving nobody behind.

Here in Western Australia you don’t need to look far to understand why that is a big challenge. You only need to glance over the logos dotting the skyline of our capital city to see the power and influence of fossil fuel giants, and big mining money in this state. 

Taking on that kind of big corporate power is going to require a big, diverse and well organised climate movement. Building that kind of movement takes work and commitment; the people and organisations involved need to be held together, cared for, supported, coordinated and resourced. 

Which is where we come in. CJU exists to help bridge the gaps between what our climate movement is currently able to achieve, and what we know needs to be done. We need to find, recruit and support everyday people who are working to make this change happen right across our society. 

We pride ourselves in maintaining a culture in which everyone is welcomed and cared for, and no one is left behind. That’s the kind of future we want to see, so that’s the kind of organisation we need to be, too. 

So what does this have to do with our membership growth strategy?

Put simply, we need to rapidly grow our membership so we can help grow and coordinate the broader local climate movement to have a real shot at competing with the influence of those corporations. And we need to do that while maintaining our caring, supportive and values-driven culture. 

So we’re exploring what it looks like to have a member-led growth strategy which focuses on improving diversity, accessibility and maintaining our unique and supportive CJU culture.

Please come along and help identify opportunities, strategies and ideas which can help grow our movement for climate justice. 

There will be a specific focus on how we recruit high income, standard and concession membership payers to CJU; and what we need to do to develop volunteer and fundraising teams that are well equipped and trained to be confident in leading climate conversations and actions.

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ABN: 23767498078

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We acknowledge that we begin our work as The Climate Justice Union on the Boodja (land) of the Wadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. We honour the Wadjuk people and their kin in other Nations and Country across these lands and waters, who have always cared for this place and all who lived here.

We acknowledge First Nations Elders past and present, and acknowledge that those of us living here, who came from across the seas, live on land that was taken, stolen. We acknowledge the responsibility that comes with this understanding and that we personally and collectively benefit from this theft.

As such, we all have a responsibility to decolonise ourselves, our lives and work, and to heal the harm these oppressive systems have inflicted.

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We are a community union and do not cover you in your workplace. All Climate Justice Union members are also encouraged to join the relevant industrial union. Click here to find your industrial Union.

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