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Reports and Policy Submissions 

CJU engages in a range of policy consultations and research projects to advocate for climate justice and best practice co-design, participatory practice and lived experience engagement. A current list of publicly available submissions, reports and publications is available for people to better understand CJU's advocacy. This list is not does not include all of CJU's publications.

Click here to visit our "Reports and Policy Submissions" resource page

Climate and Health Community of Practice

Here are the slides from the 2023 End of Year Wrap Up for the Climate and Health Community of Practice we facilitate in partnership with the Department of Health WA and Department of Environment and Water Regulation.

HEAL WA Update.pdf 

Climate Adaptation Strategy Update.pdf 

Sustainable Development Unit Update.pdf

extreme heat

Climate change means hot days and heatwaves are more intense, and happen more often.

In WA we had our hottest summer on record in 2022, and they will likely be getting hotter in coming years. Extreme heat is the number one cause of death from natural disasters in Australia.

It is critical to make information about how to keep yourself and your community safe during extreme heat easy to find and simple to understand and use. This kind of information saves lives. 

As such, we’ve done our best to summarise some of the most important and useful information from as many sources as we could find, and put them all in one place. 

Click here to visit our "Extreme Heat" resource page

Ways to make your home more sustainable

This resource was created by Year 10 students from John Forrest Secondary College as part of an assessment for their STEM Sustainability course, and is being hosted by Climate Justice Union. 

In this resource we've listed a bunch of different ways you can make your home sustainable and improve energy efficiency, including providing a summary and ranking of each according to their difficulty, cost, and how beneficial they are to your homes energy efficiency.

We've also provided some expected averages costs for each change.

BONUS: We've included two examples of homes in Western Australia which have incorporated many of these changes.   

Click here to visit the "Ways to make your home more sustainable" created resource by John Forrest Secondary College students! 

Please note CJU endeavours to produce resources that include Alt Text and we thank our disabled colleagues for demanding better and demanding accessibility. It shouldn't have been your work and we commit to including this in our work going forward. 

We will update this page regularly, and if there are particular resources or pieces of information you need that are not already available here, please let us know by emailing 

Call: +61406722066

ABN: 23767498078

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We acknowledge that we begin our work as The Climate Justice Union on the Boodja (land) of the Wadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. We honour the Wadjuk people and their kin in other Nations and Country across these lands and waters, who have always cared for this place and all who lived here.

We acknowledge First Nations Elders past and present, and acknowledge that those of us living here, who came from across the seas, live on land that was taken, stolen. We acknowledge the responsibility that comes with this understanding and that we personally and collectively benefit from this theft.

As such, we all have a responsibility to decolonise ourselves, our lives and work, and to heal the harm these oppressive systems have inflicted.

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We are a community union and do not cover you in your workplace. All Climate Justice Union members are also encouraged to join the relevant industrial union. Click here to find your industrial Union.

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